Cloud Castle Art Studio


Cloud Castle Art Studio offers a complete fine art curriculum. Skills are mastered in a logical order, and students are given generous time and attention to cultivate their abilities in drawing and painting.

ElkeEricStudioRegardless of medium, there is no substitute for time-honored drawing and painting skills, and access to a master who can teach classical form and technique. Students wishing to attend art school, or pursue a career in art, will be expected to have classical drawing and painting samples in their portfolio. Even digital art, from game design to animation, benefits from a solid foundation in fine art training.

The foundation of classical training is drawing, followed by other skills in a methodical progression. As you put your skills and lessons in order, they give you momentum, and you progress. You learn to see and think as an artist. Education here prepares students for further study in any artistic medium.

Adult and advanced students will be given special care and training to hone their skills while developing their style. Education begins with foundation studies in drawing, and then moves to painting. Our beautifully appointed, well-lit studio is a great place to work, and to learn.

Cloud Castle Art Studio is located in The Sam Cloud Barn, one of Saratoga’s oldest historical landmarks. It was built in the 1890’s and was the stage coach hub of the area. The barn was salvaged and carefully restored in 2008, much to the delight of local residents.

In 2012 artist Gabriel Coke began renovations to Room 270 to create an ideal environment for drawing and painting from life. The rustic charm of sturdy barn wood creates a warm, romantic atmosphere for artists.

NUMU PROFILEsmallCloud Castle Art Studio is becoming the NUMU Atelier at the New Museums of Los Gatos. We are honored to be a part of this exciting new artistic community, and look forward to helping it thrive.

For more information, contact atelier director Gabriel Coke      831-345-1845

Cloud Castle Art Studio